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         The two biggest producers of banana fiber in Maguindanao and Davao City have their respective commitments abroad, specifically Japan, and as such, they continue to accumulate enough quantities of the fiber for shipment.  They are encouraging others to venture into banana fiber production to supply them with their fiber needs so that they will able to meet the demand of their foreign buyers.  However, one of the prospective suppliers has the apprehension that extracting fiber from the banana plant has adverse effect on the yield of fresh banana fruits.  Notwithstanding this situation, in 2010, the La Frutera Community Development Foundation Inc., in Maguindanao was able to produce 3,615 kgs of decorticated banana fiber which were all shipped to Japan.  The total shipment comprised of 1,777 kgs of DB-1 and 1,838 kgs of DB-2. 
          In the local market, two handmade papermakers, the TADECO Livelihood and Training Center and KATAKUS, both in Davao City, continue to produce their own decorticated banana fiber for their handmade paper making business.  Both companies converted the banana fiber into handmade paper sheets and transformed these into home accents/decors and novelty items for domestic and international markets.

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